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Hydrogen Gas Generator

A hydrogen generator is a machine that is used to produce hydrogen from distilled water, using a process called electrolytic membrane technology. Hydrogen is used in the laboratory for a variety of lab applications such as Gas Chromatography (GC) as fuel or carrier gas and ICP-MS as a collision gas and Food analysis and quality control.

A hydrogen generator works by using electricity to split the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule apart from the oxygen atom to achieve the purity of hydrogen gas as other side oxygen gas is split and get evaporated in surrounding.

One of the main point to highlight in hydrogen generator is Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen base on the function of the system.

PCI hydrogen generators have option to run without distilled water like another model with no acid and alkaline solution (KOH & NaoH) is also available.

Silent Features :-

  • Amount of purity of the gas will be 99.999%.
  • Proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology is available.
  • Deactivate mode is there when no use of H2 gas.
  • Low Water Level Alarm is optional as per the requirement.
  • Hydrogen leak detection is inbuilt.
  • Easy to operate and Long-lasting with Advanced technology.

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